About Us

In 2010, KoY formed after bassist Joseph Lamond and guitarist & vocalist Duncan Davidson, who had been high school friends back in Cowra, moved to Sydney and met drummer Patrick Rydon. The trio worked together on some production assignments while studying at JMC Academy, and this work laid the foundations for what would later become KoY.

The group officially formed under the name Kids of Yesterday (in reference to the Billy Talent song, Red Flag) when Rydon and Lamond lived together in a sharehouse in Tempe. Davidson would frequently visit “the Tempe House” to work on songs and record demos with Lamond, with Callum Bailey (a childhood friend of Davidson’s from his early days in Orange, NSW) brought in as the final piece of the KoY puzzle to play lead guitar.

Rydon and Lamond had both studied Production at JMC and put their skills to use self-producing the first three KoY EPs. Their debut EP ’Belated Farewell’ was released in October of 2010. The

title track received a warm reception and high rotation on Triple J Unearthed.

The group began regularly playing shows around Sydney before recording their second EP ‘The Gutter’ in January 2011. For an unknown and long forgotten reason Rydon was replaced on drums by Anthony Maslen for a short period during the launch and promotion of the EP, and was subsequently re-replaced by Rydon.

The ‘TV’ EP was recorded in 2012 featuring fan favorites ‘TV’ & ‘From Tensh To Tussle’.

In 2013 they headlined ‘Home Grown’ and were touted as “a high-performance standard for the growing punk rock scene”. They began gigging interstate, however, by the end of 2014 Rydon concluded that he was leaving Sydney for good and the original lineup played their final show.

Davidson wasn’t finished though.

He and Lamond began recording what would come to be known as KoY’s debut album ‘Escape Planet’ with Lamond replacing Rydon on drums. The LP was tracked over 6 days and nights at ‘The Grove’ studios with the assistance of engineer and producer Jack Nigro. Nigro was introduced to the band when tasked with re-mixing TV as a student at JMC, and after gaining employment with the Grove, reached out to the group who had been contemplating recording an album for quite some time.

In 2015 Davidson moved interstate and subsequently the band entered a 5 year hiatus, though Davidson continued to write songs specifically for KoY throughout this time. Fast forward to 2020 and after much deliberation, they’re finally ready to release the long-awaited  ‘Escape Planet’ album.